We are often asked questions in regards to Facebook's billing structure, and how they go about charging for your ad account. Below, you will find some of these frequently asked questions, and an article directly from Facebook in regards to their structure. 

Does my Facebook ad spend go to Zale?

No, billing for your Facebook advertisements is charged completely separately by Facebook. Those payments are not tied to Zale in any way. 

Why does Facebook continue to bill me in odd increments? 

Your ad spend is initially charged in small increments of $10, $15,$25, and $50 (normally amounts less than $100) This is a way that Facebook ‘tests’ your card to make sure the payments will go through. Once Facebook does feel a bit more comfortable with your ad account and your payment method, you will notice, fewer, but higher charges (ranging from $75 to sometimes $300) when you are billed. You may see charges every few days (depending on your monthly ad spend).

How do I get a Facebook invoice?

Facebook will typically email an invoice for the month on the 2nd of the month for the previous month. (example, a January invoice would be sent out on the 2nd of February). You can also view your billing history within your Business Manager account. 

For a full overview of Facebook's billing structure, please visit this help article on their website: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/716180208457684?id=1792465934137726