Our goal is to always make sure that our system, and the advertisements that we help build, will set you up for success!

Within your original build, we provide two different Facebook Campaigns:

The 'Recommended Campaign' will bring in buyers, and a few sellers as well. Meanwhile, the 'Sellers Campaign' is more specifically geared towards individuals that are looking to sell their home. 

If you are ever looking to make small tweaks to your existing build (to the campaigns listed above), you can submit those changes using our Ad Request Form (please note, this particular form is for our real estate clients only). You are able to submit changes for things such as: Advertisement photo changes, Headshot/logo changes, Ad copy price point changes, Ad copy/text changes, Call out location changes, or Targeting adjustments, Landing page changes, as well as a general Performance review for how your ads have been doing (if you are unsure of where to start with what changes may be needed). You may also use this form to simply request that we change which ads are running between the two campaigns, or if you are looking to change your ad spend budget. You can read more about Ad Request Forms here

On the other hand, if you are looking to have an entirely new ad built out (separate from the ads that Zale Media originally provided), please understand that custom ad development is outside of the scope of our work within our Done With You Program. However, we are more than happy to assist you in setting up your own custom ad on a technical basis. 

If that is something that you'd like to pursue, you may fill out this Custom Ad Request Form (please note, this particular form is for our real estate clients only). Using this form, you are able to provide to us the exact headline, ad copy, and image that you'd like to use for your advertisement. You will also be asked to provide the area that you'd like to target, as well as the budget you'd like to run that ad with. Once we receive that information from you, we are able to do the technical set up within Facebook on your behalf, and help make sure that the leads will be properly flowing into the CRM. 

When we connect your new Custom Ad to the CRM, we will duplicate the existing survey and funnel set up that we are using, to ensure that we are properly able to track the leads that come through the Original build vs. the Custom build. 

There are few important things to note when starting a Custom Ad Request Form:

  • We will use the exact materials that you have submitted. Forms that say "help me decide" for things like ad copy will be built as is, our team will not advise on, or change any of the material provided in any manner. 
    • Additionally to this, our team is unable to help brainstorm or finalize any ad copy for a custom ad request. We will only advise on the advertisements that were originally designed by Zale Media. 
  • The ad spend budget that you allot for this Custom Ad must be kept separate from running the advertisements designed by Zale in order to stay within the requirements of our program. 
  • Once the ad is created, the Zale Marketing team will not optimize, or adjust the ad in any way. The Zale team will only provide feedback on optimizations to the ads that Zale originally designed. 

When you are ready to start designing your Custom Ad, we recommend using a platform called Canva.com to help find images. This is a system that we use as well to create the graphics for the original advertisements. Our support team is unable to provide direct training on how to use Canva.com, however, they do have a fabulous support library within their site on how to use their tools.