When the marketing team is done editing your initial advertisement setup, they will 'publish' the ads into your ad account. 

When they publish those ads, Facebook will typically send you an email notification that your ads are "scheduled or running" (depending on how you've allowed your notification settings). 

This does not mean that your ads are turned on and running. Our team will never turn on the advertisements without your explicit approval.

Here is an example of what those emails will look like (note, the information is blurred out because it lists a client's account)

If you are ever curious to see if your ads are actually turned on, you can log into your Ads Manager account. 

If your ads are turned on, you will see a blue switch on the left hand side. 

If your ads are turned off, you will see that switch a gray instead of blue. 

If you want to have your ads turned on, you can message the support team, and we would be more than happy to assist! We will need to know which campaign you'd like to use, and what budget you'd like them to run with.